Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

We started our celebrations for the 4th a day or two early by meeting my best friend, Libby, and her 3 kids in Okoboji for some fun adventures! They live in Pella, IA, so it's a tad longer drive for them, but a nice meeting spot with lots to do! Was a bit hairy on the trip down when Aubrey threatened Wesley with calling the cops on him with her play cell phone if he didn't stop crying about the movie choice! Then she matter-of-factly suggested he just cover his eyes for the rest of the trip so he didn't have to watch it if he didn't want to. What a helpful sister, that Aubrey is.... ;)

Tuesday afternoon we loaded up all 6 kids and went to pick strawberries! This is something Bryan and I have done with our kids the past two years on the morning of the 4th, but they closed yesterday for the season - strawberries were earlier than normal this year - so we had to fit it in!

All 6 kiddos getting their picking instructions! Look at that blonde hair!! 
Libby took 4 of the kids in her row
Miss Kate and Alaina were my helpers!
Beautiful! Doesn't that just scream summer??
They have lots of treats to enjoy there too - a strawberry shake with fresh strawberries? Tastes like heaven!
Fruit of our labor! And they taste as good as they look!
When we got back we took the kids and headed for supper and a couple adult beverages at Barefoot Bar. Was really chilly for beginning of July, but once the kids hit the playground they forgot all about how cold they were! Was a nice night to enjoy watching our kids and getting to sit and talk - which is a real treat for us since we live 5 hours apart. We headed home for bed and took in a children's theater the next morning, which the kids really enjoyed too. And Libby and I both scored a fun flea market find before heading home! Was only about 24 hours together, but the kids and moms alike had a wonderful time!

Today has been all kitchen time. I invited our family and some friends over to join us for food and fireworks this evening. Looking forward to it! This is what we get to enjoy from all our strawberry picking efforts. A favorite of my family's....we always called it strawberry goop. I'm sure out in the recipe universe there is a much more appealing name, but this is what I've always known it by! Butter, sugar, cream cheese, cool whip, strawberries....yep, none of those are bad, and together they are even better! I'm trying out lemonade from scratch tonight too! I usually just use a powder or frozen concentrate, but thought I'd give it a whirl. My batch of simple syrup should be cool enough by now actually....will let you know if it paid off and was worth the effort! ;)

My version of strawberry goop - hope it tastes as good as it looks!
My official strawberry taste tester - she gave her seal of approval!
My little farmer - he had to wear this shirt to ride with daddy while spraying today!
Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July! Hope you can spend some time with family and friends and be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy every day and those who devote their lives to ensuring those freedoms to us all!

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