Saturday, December 12, 2015

6 Years Old - Time Marches On

I look at her so many days lately and I just think, "How did she get so grown up??" I remember kindergarten kind of did that to Alaina last year too. I miss my little girl. She's still little, but not quite little enough anymore. I miss her little voice and her hilarious, uncoordinated, never ending running in circles through the house. Oh she had the sweetest little toddler voice. I can still her saying "bi-per" (diaper) through her muk(pacifier) and look at me with the huge, round, blue eyes. She's always been beautiful.

Today my sweet Aubrey turns 6. I haven't written much on here about her yet. She's..."the middle child." I write so much about Alaina because, well, like I said, life with her is just as much different as it is the same as anyone else. And Wesley, his birthday was in July and he had his post.

This girl sits silently right in the middle of my heart. She is sassy. Oh is she sassy. She's grown up to be so independent and smart. Wow is she smart. Aubrey obviously is maturing and growing up a little differently from Alaina, so everything with her is just as new and surprising to me as it is with Alaina, even though Aubrey is our second and only 15 months younger. Some days lately I sit in awe as I watch her do things and think "when did I not have to help her with this anymore?"

Just as fiercely independent and smart as she is, she is also just as kind and tender hearted. She's quick to cry, no doubt about it. Some days that is beyond frustrating, but secretly I still kind of like it because it in some ways means she's still little. She's a good friend and an even more affectionate and loving daughter and grand daughter. She freely gives hugs and kisses, which I love. She's always thinks of other first - even when sometimes it may not seem like it. She always tells me she "just loves the whole world!" She's got a crazy good sense of humor and a laugh - what a laugh. Bryan and I just look at each other when we hear her get a good belly laugh in in the other room. It's kind of hilarious.

She's the ring leader. She may be the middle child, but she kind of rules the roost. Alaina is so go-with-the-flow, and Wesley isn't QUITE old enough to know better yet. Although he's getting there. So it's her show, man. She's a 6 year old who can put together shows for the kids to do. She makes sure that most situations "somehow" work out in her favor. (She has it down to a science who it will land on if she does an eeny-meeny and rules pop up out of nowhere that always seem to tip the scales in her direction.)

But she is a just the most beautiful little soul. She's a beautiful little artist and is quick to offer up drawings so you feel better or know she's thinking about you. She's a wonderful sister and would do anything for Alaina and Wesley, they are kind of a team and she's their fearless leader.

I love this little girl more than life itself. I love her beautiful blue eyes, her crazy blonde, bouncy hair and her beautiful little heart. She's got an imagination. She's a little hoarder and is a real free spirit. And while I'm in awe and so proud of what she's growing up to become, each birthday brings a tinge of sadness as my little girl fades another year further away.

Please indulge me in a little trip down memory lane. She is too cute to not take a look back. Happy birthday, Aubrey Jo. We love you lots. :)

Sweet baby - just new

I mean...those cheeks!

She's been funny since day 1
Things like this could be part of the reason she's so tough
Look at that face...
Possibly one of my all time favorites of her
Already 1 year old!
All kinds of sweetness!
Another up on the favorite list-the feet!
2 too soon
The running days - caught her mid run
My little Easter bunny
Swiping yogurt was supposed to be doing something magical 
Oh that face!!
The eyes
The wild blonde hair
Tiny dancer

Already 3!
Hickory Park birthday sundae
Up near the top of favorites too
Look at that expression...right in the middle of a performance - she saw dad and grandma :)
And the outfits she can come up with...
Starting to really grow up
Big 4 year old
Natural beauty
She's up for anything - she's my little explorer
This is right after 5th birthday
Kindergarten round up
Artsy, independent girl wanted some hair chalk
Might be the highlight of her life thus far - WDW
But she loves the rodeo too
Love that face
Looking too grown up
6 year old Hickory Park birthday sundae
6 year old beauty
We love you more than anything, Aubrey! Thanks for 6 wonderful years of letting me be your mom.

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