Friday, September 11, 2015

Someone is SEVEN!!

Holy smokes - seven! Where has the time gone!?

This girl set us on a path 7 years ago today that we never expected to be on. It's been hard at times, it's forced soul-searching and it's been rewarding too. The pride and pleasure of being this girl's mama is almost beyond words. 

She is funny, smart, silly and most definitely sassy. She's given us a perspective on life and what's important in a way not everyone has the privilege of getting. We notice and celebrate small things that I see now could get have easily been overlooked. And she's taught us to never underestimate or second guess what someone is capable of.

To have a child that is so pure and sweet is beyond what I could have asked for - not that she isn't a little devious from time to time too. :) But what she has taught myself, and many others, in seven short years is a gift SHE has given US. To know this girl is to truly know fun, love and acceptance. She is (almost) always happy, enthusiastic and excited about life. What a treat to be able to hug and a kiss this girl and celebrate seven eventful years. We LOVE YOU, Alaina Marie. Thank you for being a light in our sometimes sad help me see there really is SO much good. So if you see this cutie this weekend, tell her happy birthday and she will probably give you a shy little smile and say "Yeah!" 

I've always said on a day that is so sad and mournful for our country, how lucky and grateful we are to have some so amazingly wonderful to be able to celebrate too! Happy birthday, my sweet girl!!

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