Monday, July 13, 2015

Celebrating 4 years!

4 years ago about this time I was just getting up and in the shower. My 34 month old baby girl and my 19 month old baby girl asleep over at grandma's house. We dropped them off the night before for a sleepover. 4 years ago today Alaina became a sister for the second time and Aubrey for the first. 4 years ago today, by the end of the day, I had 3 little people under the age of 3.

My little Wesley didn't want to join us in the world quite yet. I was 38 1/2 weeks and my doctor agreed to induce me that day - because I practically begged. I was beyond uncomfortable. After a real long day, my little man was finally born a little before 7:30 pm coming at 8 pounds 11 ounces (hence the uncomfortable part!) on July 13, 2011.

We knew he was going to be a boy. We didn't find out with Alaina, but we did know Aubrey was going to be a girl. When I got pregnant the third time, I knew I wanted to know what we were having again. Mr. Wesley was the anomaly in the family....the only boy. I still chuckle when I think about everyone's reactions that day we found out. There were lots of swear words thrown around - in a good, surprised way. :) My kids are the only grandkids on my side of the family, so it was still exciting, but on Bryan's side of the family, he is the last of 9 grandkids. So it was a big deal when he was born since all of the other grandkids before him were girls - all 8 of them. He's the Lone Ranger of the bunch.
One lonely little boy-but I don't think he minds too much!
Given this fact, you will quite often find my Wesley with painted fingernails - willingly, of course. He has worn his share of princess dresses. He was just as excited as the girls at the princesses when we visited Walt Disney World this winter. Don't get me wrong, he likes tractors and trucks too. He loves jumping off things and being loud. He has all of the sudden been struck by the hilarity of make no mistake, he's got plenty of boy in him! You will find him with some of the craziest outfits too. And the hair on this kid....he definitely got grandpa's hair. And please don't try to get in a talking contest with him. He will win. Every time.

Today I celebrate this sweet boy. And it kind of takes my breath away that my sweet little boy, my baby, is now 4. How did this happen?? I am enjoying him so much and I know each stage has it own joys and rewards, but he's my baby.....I love watching him grow and it tears at my heart at the same time. He was the easiest baby out of all the kids, maybe that's part of it. He's always been my snuggler - the girls wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe that's part of it too. This kid loves cookies - I mean, really, really loves cookies. And he's not afraid to ask for one. Or find a way to get them himself when he wants one! And I'm usually more than happy to make him some. Maybe it's because everywhere you go with that boy, he always reaches for my hand to hold - which also means he's always reaching for my heart too. And he gets it every time.

He is the funniest little character you will ever meet. He can make some of the goofiest faces that you have ever seen and, some of the stuff he comes up with......all we can do is laugh, shake our heads, and say "Wesley...I love you so."
1st birthday
2nd bithday
3rd birthday
4th birthday
So today I celebrate my handsome little man. Because there is more than some truth to the daddy's girl/momma's boy thing. There is something indescribable about a mother having a little boy. Especially one as sweet as him. He was the perfect addition to the entire family.

I mean, this not the sweetest???

Every night when I put him to bed, I tuck him in and cover him with kisses and get my hug. After my hug, I would always ask him a question, every night. I would say "who are you?" At first, he would always say, "Wesley!" But I would say something else. Now he answers for me. I ask him every night "Who are you?" and he always gets his silly little smile and he says "You're my favorite boy!" (Because that's always how I would say it to him.) Yes, you are, bud. Yes you are.

I pray you always know how loved you are and what a special, perfect gift you have been. I love you, Wesley Bryan!


  1. Lovely post to your lucky, little birthday boy. Happy Birthday to Wesley from cousin Nancy.

    1. You have no idea how long it took to get this on your blog. I never can remember what my gmail account is! LOL